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Why your logo is important for your company to get right

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

Having a logo is a vital part of making your brand successful – right up there with having a high-quality service or products and positive referrals.

Your logo communicates ownership, quality, and values.

No one actually "cares" about your logo, what people really care about is their experience with your company and what your brand is expressing. Good design not only looks professional, it also signifies something deeper.

A quality logo can help a business project a positive image. For many companies, a logo is the only identifiable mark a potential customer may see. It needs to reflect what you do, be memorable and easy to recognise.

Some of the oldest known, biggest companies have used the same logo for years!

Twinings Tea has used the same logo — capitalized font beneath a lion crest — continuously for 227 years, making it the world's oldest unaltered logo in continuous use, according to the company website.

The logo was finalized in 1787, based on historical elements and the founding family's crest. The logo makes reference to the family that ran the original tea shop, as well as the company's exclusive sourcing from China. Twining Tea was the world's first coffee and tea shop.

In 1886 - Levi Strauss created the Two Horse Trademark.

The Two Horse Trademark depicts two horses attempting to pull apart a pair of Levi's® waist overalls.

The logo symbolized the strength of the clothing in the face of competition.

Famous for half dressed people in black and white photos, Levi's is the world’s most famous trouser producer.


The original Heinz logo, designed in 1869. The Heinz logo is frequently referred to as one of the most popular and instantly recognizable logos in the food industry.

Henry J Heinz ensured his name would become associated with quality, variety and good taste by food lovers everywhere.

So here you can see the importance of a logo that will stick with you as you grow. It's important to get right so no "cutting corners".

What are the key elements for a good logo design?

Keeping it simple - the best logos and the logos that stand the test of time are simple. Simplicity should always remain your priority. It’s easy to get off-track and try including all your great ideas into one image, but simple will always be better.

Make your logo relevant - your logo stands for something and should give a clear message, reflecting what your company offers – both in service and in value.

Your logo must be memorable -your logo represents your company and it should stick in your customer’s minds. People interact with hundreds of brands every day. To stand out you need to have a logo that is memorable. Famous memorable logos have one thing in common - again they are simple. If you can take away one thing from this blog post simplicity is one of the most important things in logo design.

Your logo needs to work in black and white. If your logo doesn't look great in black and white, it won't really look good it any colour.

Here is an example of a famous logo on various backgrounds.

Make sure your logo's scalable Your logo should be aesthetically pleasing in both small and large sizes, in a variety of mediums.

Your logo should be balanced Your logo should seem "balanced" to the eye -no one part should dominate the rest. Balance is very important in good logo design because our minds naturally prefer a balanced design. It feels more pleasing to us. To achieve balance keep the “weight” of the graphics, colours, and size equal on each side.

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