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The Benefits Of Using Social Media For Your Venue and How to Use It Effectively

Firstly your bar, restaurant or hotel needs to decide on your purpose for using social media: what is it you want to use it for?

Who do you want to reach? Do you want to reach the local community - people near your venue? Where are the people you want to reach? Who is your ideal customer? You can easily target people when you are specific about what you want.

What do you want to achieve? Are you trying to increase direct bookings from a geographical not so local to you? Increase family bookings for dinners? Are you just looking to increase traffic to your website?

Any social media activity you plan, should have a clear objective behind it.

Content Theme - Fall in Love with Seaview
Example of Content Theme - Fall in Love with Seaview

It's useful to choose content themes that suit your venues, this will assist you in balancing promotional and non-promotional content, and you can rotate through different themes to keep your channels fresh to support your overall marketing strategy.

Posting the right content for your audience: people follow pages to be entertained, or they follow pages on social media to learn and to grow. Are you meeting their needs? Are their opportunities you can take advantage of.

Get organised and choose how often and when you are going to post, by knowing when your target audiences are online.

Additionally, design a content calendar, this will help you keep track of what you are going to post and and when. It will help you capture opportunities and be organised - saving you lots of time.

Use your social media channels and their features with a clear purpose, such as Facebook and Instagram stories, Instagram highlights, etc.

Example of Using Highlights

Use your video content - and if you haven't got video content, it's important to get some. A smart social media strategy also takes into consideration available formats when it comes to creating content.

Integrate paid social campaigns to your annual advertising plan: last-minute campaigns can perform well if the product or message is appealing enough, but a ensuring there is a strategy behind your advertising action on social media will ensure it's best performance around a pre-defined goal.

Build your visual brand identity and your brand presence on social media: ultimately, having a social media strategy in place will help you choose the brand colours, filters and templates to better represent your brand on social media, as well as identifying brand hashtags, leveraging user-generated content for your own benefit etc.

if you need help with your bar, hotel or restaurants social media get in touch.

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