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Creating Unforgettable Experiences: Discover How Your Hotel Marketing Can Draw in New Customers

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

hotel marketing

Creating unique experiences for your guests is an essential part of running a successful hotel and an important part of your hotel marketing strategy.

Whether it’s a one-night stay or an extended stay, your hotel should strive to make each guest’s experience truly memorable. It’s no secret that hotels that provide exceptional customer service will attract and retain customers.

After all, it only takes one negative experience to generate a bad reputation, and that’s not something any hotel wants. That’s why it’s essential to create unique experiences that make each guest feel special and valued.

To start, pay attention to the details. Every element of the guest experience should be carefully considered and handled with care. From the moment a guest arrives to the moment they leave, they should feel welcomed and appreciated.

  • Provide a warm welcome with a friendly greeting and a smile.

  • Offer a beverage or light snack to start their visit off right.

  • Add a personal touch to the guest room with a handwritten welcome note and a small gift.

  • Provide helpful information about the local area and attractions.

And, of course, make sure the room is spotless and the amenities are up-to-date.

The next step is to create unique experiences that go beyond the basics. Offer special services like concierge services, spa packages, or in-room massages. Develop creative activities for guests to enjoy, such as wine-tasting events or cooking classes. If you have an outdoor pool, offer poolside yoga classes or complimentary poolside snacks.

To help you get started and inspired, here’s a list of ideas for experiences your hotel can create:

1. Personalized Welcome Gifts.


Show your guests that you care about them by giving them a personalized welcome gift. This could be anything from a bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers to a welcome basket with local treats.

2. Room Service Menus.

Give your guests the option to order room service, but don’t just give them the same old menu. Create a specialized menu that changes each day and includes unique items from local artisans and farmers markets.

3. Wine & Cheese Hour.

Invite your guests to relax and unwind with a selection of local wines and cheeses in the lobby or another public area of your hotel. Provide a sommelier to answer any questions and make recommendations.

4. Guided Tours & Activities.

Create customized tours and activities for your guests, whether it’s a walking tour of a nearby city or a special tasting at a local winery.

5. In-Room Spa Treatments.

In Spa Treatments as a hotel experience

Offer your guests the chance to relax in the comfort of their own room with an in-room massage, facial, or other spa treatments.

6. On-Site Farmers Markets.

Look for local farmers markets or other special events where you can set up a booth and offer a selection of artisanal products.

7. Complimentary Bicycles or Local Bike Hire.

Give your guests the option to explore the area on two wheels with complimentary bicycles, or arrange local bike hire.

8. Cooking Classes.

If your hotel has a kitchen, offer cooking classes for guests to learn how to make regional recipes or their favourite dishes from the restaurant menu.

9. Room Upgrades.

By offering room upgrades or other surprises to your loyal customers, you are showing them that their continued support is valued and recognized. This can create a sense of emotional connection and attachment to your hotel, as customers feel appreciated and acknowledged for their loyalty. It also adds an element of excitement and anticipation during the check-in process, creating a positive impression right from the start of their stay.

10. Private Events.

Hosting private events in your hotel for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays can be a profitable opportunity to generate revenue and build customer loyalty. By offering customizable event packages, promoting your services through various digital channels, and providing exceptional customer service, you can attract bookings, differentiate yourself from competitors, and potentially gain repeat business through referrals and word-of-mouth marketing. Paying attention to details and delivering a seamless and memorable experience can lead to success in hosting private events and driving business growth.

11. Host a Local Art Showcase:

Invite local artists to showcase their work in your hotel. This could include paintings, sculptures, photography, and more. This could be either a one-time event or a recurring event. Not only will this bring new customers to your hotel, but it will also be a great way to support local art and culture.

12. Hold Unique Workshops:

Invite local experts to host workshops in your hotel. These could include topics such as photography, art, music production, or even yoga classes. This is a great way to attract new customers who may not otherwise visit your hotel, as well as provide an enjoyable experience for guests.

13. Personalised concierge services:

hotel marketing

Give your customers the opportunity to book tickets to events, make restaurant reservations, and arrange transportation via concierge. Having a dedicated concierge will ensure that their experience is as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

14. Offering outdoor activities:

For those hotels located in areas with beautiful natural surroundings, offering outdoor activities is a great way to pull in new customers. Activities such as kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, fishing, bird watching, and hiking can add a unique touch to a stay and give guests an opportunity to experience something different.

These are just a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Your hotel’s unique experiences should be tailored to your guests’ needs and preferences. Whether you’re offering a wine tasting or a cooking class, the goal is to create experiences that will make your guests’ stay truly memorable.

15. Hosting game nights:

Hosting game nights at the hotel can be a great way to draw in new customers. Whether it’s a trivia night, bingo, or something else, having a game night can create a unique and fun experience for guests.

16. Hosting movie nights:

Hosting movie nights in the hotel can be a great way to pull in new customers. Whether it’s a classic movie or a new release, hosting movie nights can be a great way to give guests a unique experience.

17. Stargazing:

stargazing activity as a hotel experience

Put together a stargazing package for your guests that includes telescopes, astrological maps, and expert guidance. It’s a great way to show your guests the beauty of the night sky. Nothing beats a night spent under the stars. Hotels can provide guests with an unforgettable stargazing experience by setting up a telescope and a campfire, and providing them with a knowledgeable guide about the night sky.

18. Adventure Activities:

From zip-lining and canyoning to kayaking, hot air ballooning and mountain biking, there’s a wealth of thrilling adventure activities that hotels can offer to their guests. These adventurous activities will ensure visitors have a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

19. Wildlife Watching:

Everyone loves animals, and nothing beats being able to watch them in their natural habitat. Hotels can arrange for wildlife watching trips to help their guests get up close and personal with nature.

20. Hiking:

hiking as a hotel experience

Nothing beats a good hike to explore the local area and take in the breathtaking views. Hotels can arrange for guided hikes, complete with a knowledgeable guide who can provide insight into the local history, flora and fauna.

21. Cultural Tours:

Hotels can arrange for cultural tours of the local area, giving their guests the chance to explore the local culture and get a unique insight into the history and heritage of the place.

22. Art Classes: Offer art classes to guests of your hotel. These classes could range from painting and drawing to ceramics and sculpture. This could be done in partnership with local artists or as a part of a larger package.

23. or an Artist in Residence: Invite an artist to stay in your hotel as a resident artist. This artist could host workshops, art classes, and other events for guests to enjoy. This could even become a year-long residency with a specific artist.

24. Cocktail Making Classes: Offer them a cocktail making class, and let your guests learn the art of mixology with the help of an expert Mixologist or knowledgable bartender.

By creating unique experiences that go beyond the basics, hotels can draw in a larger guest base and help increase customer satisfaction. Offering special services and experiences can add to the overall guest experience and help guests feel happy, pampered and special.

With the list of ideas provided, you can begin to create unique experiences for guests and stand out from the competition.

Let us know how you get on or some of the ideas you have put into place!

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