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Polaris - Guiding Your Website to Stellar Success (8 Hours Included)


At Colloco Marketing, we take our commitment to the next level with our comprehensive Website Maintenance package.


This package extends beyond your specific requests and dedicates time and resources to actively enhance your website.


How It Works:

Customer-Driven Changes: Share your updates with us, and we seamlessly integrate them.

SEO & Maintenance: Our team conducts SEO tasks, including keyword optimisation, meta updates, and link building. We also handle essential maintenance tasks.


Benefit from regular content refreshes, security checks, app updates, and receive monthly performance reports.



Consistent Growth: Our work ensures continuous website growth and improvement.

Security and Performance: Through regular checks and updates, we guarantee your sites performance and security.

Available: Our support team is ready to assist, ensuring a smooth experience at all times.


Our comprehensive approach ensures your website not only aligns with your desires but also excels in performance, security, and growth. 

Price Options


Website Maintenance


every month until canceled


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