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Elite Command Premium Package (14 Hours Included)


Experience luxury and expertise rolled into one with our Elite Command package. We cater to the select few who demand nothing but the absolute best. Here, every nuance of your website is cared for by the top minds in our team, ensuring unparalleled performance.


How It Works:

Priority Updates: Your requests top our list, every single time.

Holistic SEO & Maintenance: From deep SEO audits to full-stack website maintenance, we ensure all-rounded excellence.

Strategic Consultation: Regular strategy meetings with our experts to align and redefine goals.

Exclusive Support: Assigned a dedicated elite manager for round-the-clock support and immediate assistance.


The Cream of the Crop: Our premium offering gives you the pinnacle of digital services, ensuring you always stand out.

No Need for In-House: Rigel Elite eliminates the need for an in-house website manager, offering all the expertise without the overhead costs.

Tailored Strategies: Our team not only manages and maintains your website but also crafts bespoke strategies to propel your brand forward.

Forward-Thinking: Engage in regular strategy sessions to ensure you're not just in the race but leading it.

Continuous Learning & Adaptation: As the digital landscape evolves, so will your website. We ensure it adapts, learns, and grows with the times.

Success: Your site's success is our paramount concern.

Royal Treatment: Your dedicated Elite manager ensures that you receive prompt, efficient, and impeccable service, every step of the way.



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