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Elevate Your Digital Presence with Delta


We know how important it is to take a proactive approach to maintain your website and improve its SEO. Our Active Monitoring Website Maintenance & SEO Package does just that. We not only respond to your specific requests but also actively search for ways to enhance your site's performance. We take care of your updates and make small improvements to boost your online presence. You also get 1 hour of professional SEO every month to improve your site's visibility and traffic.


How It Works:

1. Customer-Requested Updates: Send us your changes, and we'll promptly execute them.

2. Proactive Enhancements: Our team regularly reviews your site and suggests effective tweaks to make it better.

3. Capped Hours: You get 4 hours of work each month for both maintenance and SEO tasks.

4. Dedicated Support: We prioritize your queries and concerns, and you can reach us via phone or email.


- Enhanced Vigilance: We keep a close eye on your website's performance.

- Regular Improvements: Consistent changes lead to an ever-improving website and better user engagement.

- Balanced Input: We blend your directives with our expertise for an optimal web presence.

- SEO Advantages: 1 hour of professional SEO per month improves your search rankings and organic traffic.

- Value for Time: You get 4 hours of monthly support for a hassle-free experience.


Keep your website innovative and user-friendly with our diligent monitoring and proactive enhancements. Our professional SEO services ensure your website is not only running smoothly but also visible to your prospective clients. Experience the perfect balance of directive execution and professional insight with Atlas, and let your website reflect your brand's excellence.

Price Options

Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance


every month until canceled


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