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The Marketing Mix and how you can apply it to your business

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

All those years ago, when I began my studies in marketing, one of the first concepts introduced was the 4 P's.

Even today, at Colloco Marketing we incorporate this concept into all our client work. Here's a way for you to understand it in the context of your business:

The 4 P's are key to selling your business:

1. Product: What you're selling.

- Restaurant Example: Food and drinks, like burgers and milkshakes.

- Hotel Example: Rooms or suites for overnight stays and additional services such as a spa or conference rooms.

- Solicitor Example: Legal advice and services, like writing wills or representing clients in court.

2. Price: Its cost.

- Restaurant Example: The burger is £8, and the milkshake is £3.

- Hotel Example: A standard room is £120 a night, and the suite is £250 a night.

- Solicitor Example: Hourly rate of £250 or a fixed fee for specific legal tasks.

3. Promotion: How you inform people.

- Restaurant Example: Buy-one-get-one-free burger deal on Wednesdays.

- Hotel Example: 20% off for weekend stays or loyalty programme rewards.

- Solicitor Example: Free initial consultation or ads in local newspapers.

4. Place: Where you offer it.

- Restaurant Example: Located in the city centre and offers delivery.

- Hotel Example: Located near the coast and has an online booking system.

- Solicitor Example: City centre office and offers virtual consultations.

5. People: Who you target or who sells it.

- Restaurant Example: Targets families and employs friendly waitstaff.

- Hotel Example: Targets tourists and business travellers and has a concierge service.

- Solicitor Example: Targets individuals and businesses in need of legal assistance and employs solicitors and legal secretaries.


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