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7 Facts To Demonstrate How Important It Is For Venues To Use Social Media

  1. Recent research from Easyjet even found that 55% of 18 to 65 year olds have booked a trip based on images they’ve seen on Instagram.

  2. Media intelligence agency, Meltwater, recently shared statistics showing that in the UK, 79% of the population use Facebook, 47% use Twitter and 41% use Instagram, proving how important these social media platforms are to reach your audience.

  3. In 2017, Travolution reported research that showed that 40% of millennial travellers (aged 18-33) said that their choice of holiday now depends on how ‘Instagrammable’ it is. This was the most important factor over the cost or availability of alcohol (24%) or chances to experience the local cuisine (9.4%).

  4. revealed research that showed that 42% of British travellers are looking for more action-packed trips and rely on social media influencers for inspiration.

  5. The Telegraph reported that we now spend one day a week on our phones with 78% of the population using smartphones.

  6. "USA Today" reports that some Marriott hotels use their Facebook pages to communicate with guests about local and hotel events. Meanwhile, Hyatt and Hilton hotels are using Twitter as a virtual concierge service to which guests can "tweet" queries and expect responses within the hour. Twitter and Facebook also allows hotel employees to initiate conversations with guests; even a tweet as simple as "Hope you're enjoying your stay!" can provide a personalized touch that some guests really appreciate.

  7. While a positive review can generate business, a negative assessment can just as easily drive customers away. Smart venues assign at least one employee to monitor blogs and social media sites and respond when appropriate. Industry website recommends addressing negative reviews by thanking the reviewer, apologising, explaining the steps taken to address the problems and avoiding any appearance of defensiveness.

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