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7 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency for your Social Media Marketing

Colloco Marketing strongly appreciates that outsourcing any part of your business can be daunting, especially Social Media Marketing where it is so closely tied to your venue’s reputation. But when it comes to your online presence, there are plenty of benefits to hiring us as your social media agency.

1. You save time

When we discuss marketing with hotel, restaurant and bar owners and ask why they don’t use social media as much as they’d like - lack of time is the number one reason why. They are busy carrying out the day-to-day management of their business and social media gets set aside, even though they appreciate it could benefit their business by improving the online connection they have with their guests and customers.

Hiring Colloco Marketing for social media management will not only take this laborious task off your hands, you’ll also be surprised about how much we can achieve in a short space of time. While you might spend days sorting out your social media posts for the month, our agency will create professional posts and achieve great results across multiple platforms quickly and effectively.

2. You save money

Why commit to recruiting one person in-house to conduct your social media?

You can spend less by employing Colloco Marketing and have access to a cost-effective alternative of a marketing agency. One employee is unlikely to have the breadth of experience or creative resources that you will find behind an agency. If they do, you no doubt will have to provide a decent salary and benefits package. Hire a social media agency and you don’t have to pay them for time off, and there will always be a team available to look after your accounts.

Also, many venues ask a member of staff who’s not studied marketing, and they have another role in your busines – this can work out but more often than not, this person might not really understand your target audience or understand how social marketing works. They also might not place this work as a priority as they have other role to play that naturally takes precedence.

3. You get creative content

Colloco Marketing devotes the time with you, brainstorming ideas for powerful engaging content that works best for your venue and specific audience. The best social media content is strategic, its planned as well as reactive. It is also tailored to each of the platforms you use. This might mean adapting the message, altering the images or creating something completely bespoke that will get most traction on each social media channel used.

4. Peace of mind

Social media is a great way for managing relationships with your customers. Handing it over to an experienced and marketing agency gives you that peace of mind that it’s being handled professionally. A good social media agency protects your reputation on social media, and they enhance your brand.

5. Improves your brand recognition

Unless you're a multinational business - like Hilton, Costa or Harvester, your advertising budget is going to be fairly small, and you will have to be quite imaginative with how you spend your advertising budget to boost your brand's recognition. With social media platforms, we can create a unique brand voice and style with a small budget and our creativeness.

6. Benefit from increased conversion opportunities

Each post you create and post on social media is a great opportunity to convert new customers for your venue. It takes effort and time to master the best content for each platform but once you start, you'll find that you are fostering a great following in which your interactions involve your loyal customers, new customers, and future customers as well as the friends and followers of all those customers—nicely increasing new customer possibilities.

7. Exciting new insights on your customers.

When opting for traditional advertising, like magazine and newspaper ads, there's a definite wall between you and your target customers. While you can certainly test your ads with focus groups, it's quite difficult to get a true understanding of what your customers like about your advertising campaigns. It's even harder to appreciate what they want to see more of. By effectively using social media marketing, you can gain an extraordinary insight into your customer to find out what they like, what type of advertising engages them, and also their buying behaviour.

With social media you can study your follower’s comments to directly understand what they think of your product or service, and how they perceive your brand. It pays you well to listen to what your followers are saying, and you can also build segmented content syndication lists based on perceived audience interest—testing out new advertising campaigns in order to test what type of content brings the maximum amount of interest.

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