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Our Team

Well it’s, going loco, in the offices at Colloco
The magic we make is so strong!! (never performed by the Four Tops!)

Colloco Marketing is an Isle of Wight Marketing Agency working across the UK and internationally, providing website design and social media marketing services.

What a last couple of years we’ve had! If you haven’t heard of us, please let us introduce ourselves!


Headed up by Sophia, (the Boss) we established ourselves in late 2019, initially working with clients from the Isle of Wight before expanding nationwide and then internationally!

Sophia Brading

Meet Sophia, Director of Colloco Marketing, an Isle of Wight-based marketing agency.


With over 20 years of experience in the business, Sophia is a powerhouse of creativity and enthusiasm!


She's passionate about working with her clients in a personal and engaging way, and is the go-to person for website design and social media marketing services.


Get in touch with her today and unlock the full potential of your business! 

Ian Lawton

Next up is our Copywriter, Ian Lawton.


Ian’s magnificent, spectacular and bordering on phenomenal.


Did you want to know more?!


Seasoned and skilled with producing any and every style and type of content I feel my main strength is injecting character, personality and feeling into whatever I create. For me there’s something distinctive, emotive and highly rewarding in introducing the human element into my work.

Contracts & Accounts Manager
Liz Farrant

Liz is our official grown up, Mrs Safe Hands! She’s a methodical and an incredibly skilled administrator. Liz helps guide the running of the business with her caring but firm professional manner.

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