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Website Maintenance - Delta
  • Website Maintenance - Delta

Website Maintenance - Delta


Empower your online presence with Atlas!


We understand the importance of a proactive approach in website maintenance and SEO. Our Active Monitoring Website Maintenance & SEO Package not only responds to your specific directives but also actively searches for ways to upgrade your site’s performance. We execute your requests and also introduce proactive, small-scale enhancements to boost your web presence. Plus, enjoy 1 hour of professional SEO per month, optimizing your site for better visibility and traffic.


How It Works:

- Customer-Directed Updates:
  Send us your desired changes and watch them get executed promptly.

- Proactive Enhancements:
  Regularly, our team will scan your site and suggest subtle, effective tweaks to elevate performance and user experience.

- Capped Hours:
   2 hours of dedicated work each month, including both maintenance and SEO tasks.

- Dedicated Support:
  Prioritized addressing of your queries and concerns, reachable via phone or email.



- Enhanced Vigilance:

- Regular Improvements:
  Consistent, proactive changes lead to an ever-evolving, improving website, enhancing user engagement.

- Balanced Input:
  A harmonious blend of your directives and our expertise ensures a well-rounded and optimal web presence.

- SEO Advantages:
  1 hour of professional SEO per month means better search rankings, increased visibility, and more organic traffic, helping you reach your audience effectively.


- Value for Time:
  A guaranteed 2 hours monthly focuses on addressing all crucial tasks, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Keep your website innovative and user-friendly with our diligent monitoring and proactive enhancements. The added benefit of professional SEO services ensures that your website isn’t just running smoothly but is also visible to those who matter the most, your prospective clients. Experience the perfect balance of directive execution and professional insight with Atlas, and let your website be a true reflection of your brand’s excellence.

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