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Handover the wheel but stay in the drivers seat


Introducing Atlas, your partner in maintaining a vibrant and optimised website.


Direct the changes, and let us execute them to ensure your website stays current and performs at its peak, offering a seamless experience to your visitors. It’s comprehensive control with peace of mind, covering light premium website fees to give you the best value.


How It Works:

Request Updates:Send us your desired website updates—be it content, design, or SEO-related.


Prompt Implementation:

Our dedicated team will swiftly make the required changes, ensuring your website is always fresh and SEO-compliant.


Flexible Payments:

With our convenient monthly subscription, you have the flexibility to cancel or sign up anytime, no long-term commitments.



Adaptable Maintenance

Make adjustments to your website’s features and content to meet the evolving needs of your visitors and clientele.


Financial Flexibility

The Atlas subscription model is designed to fit smaller budgets and covers your light premium website fees.


Experience the ease, flexibility, and value of Atlas, and keep your website in optimal shape without a hassle.

Price Options

One-time purchase



Subscribe & Save


every month until canceled


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