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| F I V E R F E S T R Y D E |

So far 30 Ryde businesses have signed up to help spread the message that spending little & often in our local independent shops makes a huge difference to our towns economy.

In fact if every adult in the Ryde area spent just £5 per week, it would generate over £6 million 😲

Each of these businesses (and we expect a few more with late comers!) are busy sorting out a FIVER FEST deal for you.

So from Saturday through to the 16th July, spend some time in Ryde. Explore the shops. Spend a fiver, and FEEL GOOD knowing your supporting our local community 🎉

#FiverFestRyde #FiverFest #TotallyLocally

#Ryde #IsleofWight #WeLoveRyde #business #shoplocal #shopsmall #townonthebeach

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