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Social Media Marketing

Here are the key features for our Influencer Package, which includes up to 5 posts per week.

  • Post Scheduling 2-3 posts a week using Client content.

  • 5 Posts per week curated by Colloco Marketing for 2 platforms.

  • Professional Photography (30 photos)

  • x 2 30 secs videos for Reels/ Stories.

  • Stories - 5 a week.

  • Design for 5 posts (i.e. menus for stories, or promotions)

  • Quarterly brainstorming meetings (online)


per month

Bolt Ons

* Photography and design provided is for the exclusive use on social media.

You can add bolt ons at any point to your social media contract.

  • Additional Design.

  • Additional Photography.

  • Photography for other use.

  • Additional Platforms

  • Design for other use.

Pricing Plan

Package Contents

Content Creation for Stories and Posts

Colloco Marketing will create your content, carefully curating posts to resonate with your target audience. 


Colloco Marketing schedules the content we curate and the content you provide us with for your business for maximum impact with call to actions and relevant hashtags for maximum reach.

Photography and Video

Colloco Marketing will provide professional photography and video for your businesses social media. 

Brainstorming Meetings

Quarterly Brainstorming Meeting and Planning Sessions are included in this package.


When it comes to social media marketing, graphic design is a decisive part of an overall content strategy.. We provide you with design for promotional posts and stories. 


Stories are crucial for success on social media. We include a daily presence with this package.

The Influencer

A great social media package for those with no time on their hands.


Why not let us take the hassle away from trying to juggle multiple social media platforms, and let you get on with running your business. 

Helping you 

grow your business

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